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Community Vitality InitiativeCommunity Vitality Initiative fosters the future of Nebraska

Fosters the Future of Nebraska through:

  • Community-centered capacity building
  • Educational Opportunities that are relevant and research-based
  • Collaborative networks to address opportunities and challenges of rural people and places
  • Collective impact - together we make a difference

ACA benefitsBroadband in Nebraska - Current Landscape and Recommendations

"Broadband is important to Nebraska's businesses and communities," said Lt. Governor Nelson, who chairs the Nebraska Information Technology Commission.

"This plan builds on Nebraska's successes in stimulating
investment in Nebraska's telecommunications infrastructure and encouraging the use of broadband in businesses,
agriculture, health care, education, libraries, local government, and public safety entities. Additionally, the plan
highlights the need to encourage more youth to pursue careers in information technology."

For more information, go to http://broadband.nebraska.gov/news/-/asset_publisher/3XaB/content/lt-governor-nelson-announces-broadband-in-nebraska-plan

Business and the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is bringing in many changes for business owners, with and without employees. It is important for business owners to stay on top of the changing regulations to meet obligations, as well as know what is ahead.  The Health Care Decision Making website will help business owners develop ACA strategies that best meet their business needs.

BFBL memberships are available

Join other producers across Nebraska who are combining their marketing efforts through a Buy Fresh/Buy Local membership. For a small membership fee, members are listed in a beautiful, professionally designed directory with listings of producers, restaurants, stores, farmers' markets & institutions that sell locally produced food. Check out the BFBL membership page for more benefits.


Entrepreneurship Events

Please check the Nebraska Entrepreneurship Calendar for Upcoming Events!


Other Resources

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